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Happy March! We have a TON of exciting things coming up on ArtsU for you this month. And remember, all of these great sessions are FREE to you as a member benefit, so sign-up for as many as you would like. If you aren’t able to attend something when it is happening live, sign-up anyway! All of our digital sessions are recorded and available for you to watch about 48-hours after the live event.


Google Analytics Lesson 2: What am I Looking at?*

Thursday, March 7 @ 3:00PM EDT

Do you look at your Google Analytics data and not know where to start? In this lesson, you’ll learn about important metrics and custom reporting functions with Google Analytics, as well as get a step-by-step guide on how to track your data over time.  


Rehearsing for Civic Dialogue

Tuesday, March 12 @ 3:00PM EDT

Civic dialogue is a critical process in a time of widespread conflict and divisiveness. But few of us are taught how to talk about - and hold space for others to talk about - pressing social issues and concerns in our communities, neighborhoods, and nation. In this webinar, we will explore ways that theatre-based approaches may support us in learning and practicing skills, concepts, and attitudes that can prepare us to engage in and facilitate meaningful dialogue in the public sphere.


Mid-Career Leaders Network Call

Wednesday, March 13 @ 3:00PM EDT

Join us each quarter for conference call with the Mid-Career Network of Americans for the Arts. Every call will feature a Mid-Career Leaders in the Arts and Culture field, discuss trends in the sector, include open space for Mid-Career Leaders to share and receive feedback, have an Americans for the Arts update, and more. Mid-Career Leaders from across the arts and culture sector are encouraged to join. The topic for March will be strategic partnerships.


Hyperlocal: Arts & Local Economies

Friday, March 15 @ 3:00PM EDT

We are currently existing in the era of the Gig Economy, and the skills that are now needed to affect the creative class and growth look quite different than they once did, especially with investment being pumped into cities and urban neighborhoods. The creative class is essential to driving innovation and changing the future of our cities. Yet few creative professionals feel like they are sufficiently equipped with the business savvy required to succeed in today’s global marketplace. Join Rasu Jilani, Director of Recruiting and Community Engagement at New Inc, as we explore the idea of hyperlocalism and learn how creatives can be active participants in their local ecosystems. 


Arts & Culture Leaders of Color Fellowship Info Session

Monday, March 18 @ 2:00PM EDT

Americans for the Arts is launching the Arts & Culture Leaders of Color Fellowship in Chicago, Cleveland, and Indianapolis for emerging mid-career arts, culture, and heritage leaders of color. A part of a broader Great Lakes arts leadership initiative in partnership with the Joyce Foundation and American Express, this information session will provide interested 2019 fellowship candidates with a program overview, application instructions, tips for applying, and a live Q & A period.


Arts & Culture Leaders of Color Coffee Talk

Monday, March 18 @ 3:00PM EDT

Americans for the Arts is proud to support the Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Network through quarterly “coffee talk” digital convenings, eNews, blogs, and other resource sharing tools. Each quarter, we bring you an arts administration professional to share their insights and journey to inspire you. Coffee talk format invites you to ask questions and share your experiences with the group. Join Suzan Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County as she shares her career journey, successes and challenges and how having close relationships have been helpful along the way.


March 2019 Member Briefing – What’s New in Membership

Tuesday, March 19 @ 3:00PM EDT

This month's Member Briefing will give an update to Americans for the Arts' membership program. Cristyn will be joined by Isaac Fitzsimmons, Data Analytics and Insights Coordinator with Americans for the Arts. Isaac will share information and updates to Americans for the Arts Membership. Tune-in to make sure you're getting the most out of your membership.


Local Arts Agency Field Surveys

Monday, March 25 @ 3:00PM EDT

What is the current state of the local arts agency field? This webinar will discuss the findings of two new research reports: the 2018 Local Arts Agency Profile and the 2018 Local Arts Agency Salary and Compensation report. These statistical reports provide detailed information on the current health and condition of the local arts agency field. Join us as Randy Cohen, Vice President of Policy and Research at Americans for the Arts discusses the overall findings of the new reports; and Ruby Lopez Harper discusses what the findings mean for the local arts agency field.


Google Analytics Lesson 3: Using Your Data to Make Decisions*

Tuesday, March 26 @ 3:00PM EDT

Ok, so you know how to read your Google Analytics data, but what should you do with it? For this lesson, we’ll delve into how you can use your data to make smarter decisions and turn your website into your most powerful marketing tool in your toolbox. 


Using the NEW Local Arts Agency Dashboard

Thursday, March 28 @ 3:00PM EDT

The LAA Profile Dashboard is an interactive tool that visualizes the Profile data and indicates to the user where any LAA or group of LAAs is/are situated within the spectrum of responses from the field. The Dashboard allows users to compare themselves in a customized view with other LAAs based on specific characteristics like budget, service area population, legal status, and others. Join us for a webinar with Graciela Kahn, Research Manager at Americans for the Arts, as we take a look at the new LAA Profile Dashboard and find out how this great new tools can help with your work.


Supporting Individual Artists Coffee Chat: Legal Support for Artists**

Friday, March 29 @ 1:00PM EDT

Americans for the Arts is excited to bring you a monthly series of informal discussions about supporting individual artists. These monthly "Coffee Chats" are your opportunity to hear from individuals and organizations in the arts and culture field that support individual artists as part of their everyday work. Our topic for March 2019 will be legal support for artists. Why exactly do artists need lawyers and legal support? Join Adam Holofcener Esq., Executive Director of Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, for a discussion on how artists operate as a business and the types of situations they can find themselves in that have legal implications (both good and not so good).  Issues that artists generally encounter first involve copyright, contracts, and business entities. Artists do not need to become lawyers to practice their art in a fiscally/legally sustainable way, but they do need to know enough to know when to ask for help, as well as what resources are available that may be able to provide affordable help. 


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. See you out there!






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*Americans for the Arts’ three-lesson course on Google Analytics is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.


**Americans for the Arts’ Arts Administrators Essentials: Supporting Individual Artists monthly Coffee Chat series is sponsored in part by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and the National Endowement for the Arts.