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Happy July! I hope you are beating the heat. We’ve been feeling the heat and humidity in DC for the last couple of weeks, but are finally getting a bit of a break thanks to some much needed rain. I’m sending you a round up of what we have coming up over the next couple of weeks on ArtsU. Check out a list below of what’s to come. Remember to register for as many sessions as you would like, as these are FREE to you as a member benefit. Not able to tune-in live? Register anyway for access to the recording.


Coming Up


Connecting Communities Through Events

Tuesday, July 23 (TODAY!!) @ 3:00PM EDT

Most organizations feel the need to produce regular events to gain new audiences and foster returning patrons. However, if each event is not connecting with the community in a meaningful way, it is hard to rationalize the long hours your staff has put into producing it. Event production is more than just a logistical task and success can be gauged in more ways than just the audience numbers. This webinar will touch on how to look for the right person to produce your events and how logistical details should not take precedence over the skill of creating a mini-program that furthers your organization's mission and most importantly connects communities and creates thriving collaborations. 


Creating Spaces: Performing Arts in Sacred Places – Part 2

Wednesday, July 24 @ 2:00PM EDT

Artists have been creating out of and incubated by sacred places (churches, synagogues, temples, etc) for a long time. However, so much of art in sacred places is based on the chance encounter, a congregant or clergy leader who happens to love art and wants it in their space or any number of other non-linear ways. Partners for Sacred Places has figured out how to put the two together in a purposeful and meaningful manner. Internal conversations and external transparency and more are key to a successful partnership between the two. This webinar will take a look at how you can make the most of your partnerships with sacred places.


Supporting Individual Artists Webinar – Dancers Edition

Thursday, July 25 @ 3:00PM EDT

With thousands of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, employing tens of thousands of people, the dance community in the US continues to be a driving force in the arts and culture sector. But how exactly can organizations best support the individual dancers so that they can be successful in achieving their personal goals, while positively impacting the communities they are a part of? Join Allyson Esposito, Former Senior Director of Arts and Culture at the Boston Foundation, to learn about the Next Steps for Boston Dance grantmaking initiative for Boston area choreographers. Allyson will be joined by local Boston dancer, Jean Appolon for this discussion.


Supporting Individual Artists Coffee Chat – Supporting Artists with Disabilities

Tuesday, August 6 @ 2:00PM EDT

How can you support artists with disabilities? Join Judith Smith, Founder and Director Emerita of AXIS Dance Company, as she discusses strategies for your organization to ready itself to be more inclusive to people with disabilities; how you can support disabled artists in your programming and hiring processes; as well as what resources are available to support disabled artists. 


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