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I hope you all had a nice extended holiday weekend and are settling back into the swing of things. I’m here to bring you this month’s “What’s New on ArtsU” email. Check out the listing below of all of the great things we have coming up for you in September. A quick reminder that as a member of Americans for the Arts all events hosted on ArtsU are FREE to you, so enjoy as much as you can!


Coming Up in September


Private Sector Network Call: Equitable Funding Models and the Creative Economy

Wednesday, September 5 @ 2:00pm EDT

This is the third installment of our 2018 quarterly Private Sector Network Conference Calls focusing on the topic: Equitable Funding Models and the Creative Economy. This year’s series focuses on the creative economy, what it means, and what program models exist that can serve as examples for how to explore this work in your community.


Comprehensive Marketing Planning Workshop

Wednesday, September 5 @ 3:00pm EDT

The Comprehensive Marketing Planning Workshop centers on 10 steps marketers can use to produce comprehensive marketing plans. Plans all too often today are made ‘on the fly’ and under the duress. Well intentioned marketing activities often yield poor results when deep and thorough planning did not occur prior to implementation. By following these tried and true 10 steps, marketers will increase their potential for success.


Enlivening Public Space at Night: An International Overview of Light/Art/Festivals

Available Friday, September 7

From night owls to evening hour commuters, the nighttime plays host to opportunities for engaging the public, but how does programming for the night differ from the daytime? In this webinar, “Enlivening Public Space at Night, an International Overview of Light/Art/Festivals” explores the topic of art and design after dark. The subject will cover public art and programming. You will hear from Leni Schwendinger, an artist and expert in nighttime design. With a focus on light festivals, view this webinar to learn about the range of celebrations – from children’s lantern parades to sophisticated fine art installations.  


September 2018 Member Briefing: Online Sales Tax Implications for Artists and Arts Organizations

Tuesday, September 18 @ 3:00pm EDT

Member Briefings are our monthly opportunity to talk to you about what’s happening now. For this month’s call we will be joined by Kate McClanahan, Director of Federal Affairs at Americans for the Arts. Kate will be discussing the changes to online sales tax processes and the implications on artists and organizations.


Artists and Planning Civic Spaces

Available Friday, September 21

Through this webinar, explore how artists can be a vital part of community engagement and the development of a civic space planning process. Through the experinence of bulidingcommunityWorkshops (bcWorkshops) in Dallas, Texas who focus on design justice through community engagement, learn how to incorporate artists within a civic design planning process.


Building a Community Through Psychological Safety

Monday, September 24 @ 3:00pm EDT

Creating an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks is key to fostering cutting edge, forward thinking organizations. In this regard, the term “psychological safety” is becoming more widely used as it relates to the workplace and groups. This is partly thanks to a study in which Google identified psychological safety as the most important factor in creating a great team. Join Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Museum Hue, as she discusses the importance of psychological safety. She will also discuss how Museum Hue, which has created a community of creatives from all over the world, has helped create such space for people of color through the arts sector. 


Exploring and Applying BEA Research and Tools

Thursday, September 27 @ 3:00pm EDT

When speaking to decision-makers, particularly public sector officials, the subject of return of investment in public dollars frequently arises, along for the need for easy-to-read data from reputable sources as evidence. The Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account (ACPSA) was developed through a partnership with the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the United States Department of Commerce (BEA) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in a concerted effort to illustrate the economic impact of the arts and culture sector. ACPSA allows users to track economic activity, as well as the overall impact of arts and culture on U.S. and state economies. Using the 2015 ACPSA data, the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) then developed an interactive dashboard that allows you to explore state-level ACPSA data through visually impactful charts and figures.



#ArtsEdWeek Highlights (September 10 – 14)


Special Edition Member Briefing: National Arts in Education Week

Tuesday, September 4 @ 3:00pm EDT

Join Arts Education Program Manager, Jeff M. Poulin for an overview of Americans for the Arts’ celebration of National Arts in Education Week. You will learn about our professional development opportunities during the week as well as the many resources available for you to celebrate, advocate, and participate.  You’ll have a chance for Q&A, so feel free to bring your specific question or examples of how you have celebrated National Arts in Education Week in the past! 


Monday, September 10: Create Your Coalition -  Intentional Relationship Building


Tuesday, September 11: Develop a Facilitator's Role - Interrogating the Student-Educator Dynamic


Wednesday, September 12: Broaden and Diversify the Leadership Pipeline  - Addressing Systemic Barriers


Thursday, September 13: Inspire Others to Action - Shared Anecdotes of Growth and Change


Friday, September 14: Embrace the Cycle of Mentorship - Enabling Cycles of Multigenerational Dialogue



Bonus – Coming Up in Early October


Public Opinion Polling: Americans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018

Tuesday, October 2 @ 3:00pm EDT

It’s undeniable—the arts transform people and communities every day. But how do Americans feel about the arts? Do they value artistic activities and arts education? Do they feel the arts are an important part of their lives and do they support government funding for the arts?There’s no need to guess at the answers for these questions! Join Randy Cohen, Vice President Research & Policy with Americans for the Arts, for a webinar about new data from the "Americans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018" study, which provides an in-depth look at the perceptions and attitudes about the arts in the United States. Based on more than 3,000 interviews and conducted in partnership with Ipsos Public Affairs, this study documents the public's personal involvement in the arts, the individual and community benefits that come from engaging in the arts, and the public's support for arts education and government arts funding.


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