Hi Mid-Career and Emerging Leaders,


I wanted to remind you about a couple of great sessions we have coming up on ArtsU next week. Remember, these are FREE and you can attend as many as you would like! We hope to see you there.


Why Mentorship: Session 2 – Making the Most of Your Relationship

Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 3:00pm EDT

Are you getting the most out of your mentoring experience? Research has shown that mentoring relationships have the most success when both the mentor and mentee take an active role in developing the relationship. Join Pam Breaux (mentor) and Ariel Shelton (mentee) for a lively discussion and presentation about mentorship. Hear their stories as they look at the role of the mentee and mentor, review best practices in establishing the relationship, and share how to make the most of it.  


Negotiation 101: Knowing the Worth, Making the Ask, and Getting to ‘Yes’

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 3:00pm EDT

Many people find salary negotiations to be uncomfortable and nerve wracking. Should you ask for more money? What if you insult your boss? These are some of the most common questions from first time negotiators but ultimately, a well-executed negotiation can make both parties more satisfied. Whether it's a new job offer or an annual performance review, there are simple steps you can take to reach a more valuable, mutually beneficial agreement.






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