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I wanted to share with you a session on ArtsU that we have coming up next week. The topic is “Building a Community Through Psychological Safety.” Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Museum Hue will be leading a session about psychological safety, talking about how she has used this process to build a community for her organization.


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Date and Time: Monday, September 24 @ 3:00pm EDT


Description: Creating an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks is key to fostering cutting edge, forward thinking organizations. In this regard, the term “psychological safety” is becoming more widely used as it relates to the workplace and groups. This is partly thanks to a study in which Google identified psychological safety as the most important factor in creating a great team. Join Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Museum Hue, as she discusses the importance of psychological safety. She will also discuss how Museum Hue, which has created a community of creatives from all over the world, has helped create such space for people of color through the arts sector. 


Registration Link: https://artsu.americansforthearts.org/products/building-a-community-through-psychological-safety


We hope you can join us!





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