Hi Local Arts Ed Network,


One of your fellow members just posed an interesting question to me and I am hoping that you can all add your two cents to help out!


In the next few days, the school district is interviewing several candidates for the position of Superintendent. As the arts education organization working with the district, they have the opportunity to pose a few questions. What should they ask?


I have brainstormed a few ideas below to kick us off, but we would welcome your thoughts to help form a comprehensive list:

  1. Would you support a District Arts Education Strategic Plan? In the past how have you supported arts learning in a long-term, sequential, standards-based way?
  2. How do you address data collection beyond math and ELA, particularly for students who are Low SES, ELLs or on IEPs? Can the arts be part of the equation for those students and how will you measure it?
  3. How do you plan to engage community partners, like the Smith Center, in the Title IV, part A well-rounded education needs assessment as dictated by ESSA?


Thanks so much,



PS. Once this email thread has concluded, I can pull together and turn into a rough draft of a resource that we can add to the AFTA website.





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