The arts were a major element of Indianapolis' Plan 2020 and our President/CEO was on the Plan 2020 team.   If you click on and download the Bicentennial Agenda, you'll see that "Arts, Culture, and Design" is listed under the category "Places:  Strengthening Community" (there are three categories--Places, People, and Prosperity).  There have been movements in the past to locate the arts under Economic Development, which I would caution against, although we have a specific economic development program (CreateIndy) that is all about fostering arts-based businesses and there is a music-based economic development strategy being developed.  Also, specific to public art, the program that generates funding for neighborhood arts projects is located under Metropolitan Development because it's a PAPD ordinance and TIF funding controlled by DMD can be purposed towards public art.  

On the other hand, our city's annual funding for arts organizations is located in the Parks budget. With the alternative being Economic Development, we're not making any waves. Parks is a friendly home.  But the Parks master plan does not include an overall cultural plan for the city, nor do they want it to have one although their plan does address the arts as an element of recreation.  

To date we have not created a cultural plan, although that's something we definitely want to do. Since we are not a city agency, the plan would not formally be part of the city's plan. Right now we are included in a lot of planning discussions and the arts gets infused into everything rather than thinking of it as a separate thing, but having a cultural plan that's generally accepted will be a big step forward.

Julia Muney Moore
Director of Public Art
Arts Council of Indianapolis

924 N. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN  46204
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Art Programs

Robin Nigh, Manager

The Art Programs Division develops and provides free access to artistic excellence. The division facilitates the creation of art representative of the character and identity of Tampa to major public-use projects and to heighten Tampa's reputation and visibility both regionally and nationally as a city culturally aware and supportive of the arts.

The city of Tampa has a dedicated department that works with Parks and Rec and is worth checking out. 
I love Tampa's Cultura Arts department, manager and program and how its set up under the city. They recognize it is its own department!
Robin does a great job and easy to talk with. 
I have been trying to convince our city of Lakeland to also have such a department!

Meri Mass
Executive Director
Polk Arts Alliance, Inc.
PO Box 727, Bartow, FL 33831
Office: 863.804.0494

PAA Mission: Cultivating an environment for the cultural arts in Polk County through advocacy, collaboration, economic development, education and promotion

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[Americans for the Arts] Where does arts & culture live in town/city master plan?

We have a city arts commission that is in the process of drafting an arts & culture plan.  Their work is currently stalled while they negotiate with city planners over where the plan will live within the city master plan.  The arts commission is arguing in favor of creating a new header for “arts, culture & history” (or, alternately, just “cultural resources”); the city wants to locate it under “recreation.”


Can anyone share a precedent or best practices from your town, city or state that we can use to make the case against “recreation” (which not only fails to capture the impact of the arts on community, it establishes a perspective we clearly want to avoid). 


Thank you!


Lisa Burk-McCoy

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