We just completed a Sacramento plan, called “Creative Edge,” and it is
Sacramento’s Arts, Culture, & Creative Economy Plan.  We tied it very closely with the creative economy work that is happening in economic development and that helped get buy in from so many diverse constituents. Happy to share more info about it.




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Subject: [Americans for the Arts] Where does arts & culture live in town/city master plan?


We have a city arts commission that is in the process of drafting an arts & culture plan.  Their work is currently stalled while they negotiate with city planners over where the plan will live within the city master plan.  The arts commission is arguing in favor of creating a new header for “arts, culture & history” (or, alternately, just “cultural resources”); the city wants to locate it under “recreation.”


Can anyone share a precedent or best practices from your town, city or state that we can use to make the case against “recreation” (which not only fails to capture the impact of the arts on community, it establishes a perspective we clearly want to avoid). 


Thank you!


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