I will be at the AFTA meet – I would love to meet with you then!


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Subject: [Americans for the Arts] Setting up an Artist Mentoring program


Hello Local Arts Leaders!


We have been approached by a local group who wants to work with us to provide mentors for local artists (all disciplines) on business issues, such as marketing, business formation, etc. We need to start thinking about creating a workable structure for such a program. We are very much at the beginning of thinking about this, so need to start understanding the ways such programs can be structured and staffed. 


Does anyone have programs they think have an efficient structure that they can point us to online? Better yet, if anyone with a mentoring program plans to be at the AFTA meeting in Denver, would you be willing to sit down with me for a bit and let me pick your brain?


Thanks in advance!


Beth Yerxa
Executive Director

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