Hi Ruby,


We pay peer panelists $300 and provide breakfast and lunch.  If they are from out of town, we also reimburse hotel costs and per diem rates up to the GSA amount and provide travel reimbursement at the federal mileage level.  While varying wildly, I’d say the average panel has about 30 applications to review.  We send the materials out roughly a month before the in-person panel meeting day.






Jesus Pantel

Contract Compliance Specialist Senior and Cultural Funding Team Lead

City of Austin Cultural Arts Division

Economic Development Department

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Hello esteemed colleagues,


I had a question recently and thought it would be helpful to consult the network. 


What are orgs paying to grant review panelists? If possible, can you share any additional reimbursements, length of service and rough estimate of number of apps they are reading?


Thank you!!


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Please forgive any typos or brief responses. 


Ruby Lopez Harper

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