Here in Winnipeg we pay our jurors $300/day (Canadian) as well as a $5 per file reading fee. The number of files varies from program to program, but is usually in between 25-50 files depending on the grant being assessed – which translates into one or two days for most of our processes.


Lunch is also provided.  When we use people from out of town (which is rare) we also pay travel/accom/per diem. For locals, we usually just add a flat $20 onto the fee they receive to cover parking/bus fare/incidentals.




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Hello esteemed colleagues,


I had a question recently and thought it would be helpful to consult the network. 


What are orgs paying to grant review panelists? If possible, can you share any additional reimbursements, length of service and rough estimate of number of apps they are reading?


Thank you!!


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