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Please join us for our next Private Sector Network Call tomorrow afternoon, December 10 at 3:00pm EST. We’ll have the opportunity to hear about what’s on the minds of the country’s united arts funds as they navigate changes in private sector funding, creating more equitable investment and grantmaking opportunities, and seeking public funding for the arts in their communities.


Private Sector Network Call: Convening to Connect the Field – A recap of the recent United Arts Fund Retreat

Each year, executive leadership and senior staff of the country’s united arts funds (UAF) gather in a different location to discuss best practices, trends, challenges, and opportunities that this field faces. UAFs seek to raise money to provide ongoing support to arts groups by consolidating cultural fundraising efforts in one organization and use their knowledge of the cultural community to disperse the funds accordingly. More and more, the UAFs operate as full-serve local arts agencies. We’ll hear from a Flora Maria Garcia, seasoned UAF leader from United Arts of Central Floraida and Jaye Baille with the Marion Cultural Alliance in Ocala, FL, who is considering adding the UAF model in their organization. This call is welcome to anyone interested in hearing about the primary topics that came up at the Leadership Retreat, and for those who wish to learn more about this field, and how different LAAs address issues of reinvestment in their communities. 


Register here for the call. If you cannot attend the live call, please still register! You can access the recording following the call in the On Demand section of your ArtsU account.




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