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City of Austin has programmed The People’s Gallery at City Hall for the last 15 years, with around 150 works from local artists selected and installed each year on a rotating basis – see City Council-adopted program guidelines at web link.






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Morris Arts has managed an art gallery in the public hallways of four floors of the County Administration & Records Building that over the years has begun to function as an extension of the County Courthouse, with courtrooms and Prosecutor’s offices scattered throughout the building.


The Superior Court Assignment Judge responsible for the values of ‘integrity, fairness and independence’ of the court system in the county has found that certain pieces of artwork displayed in the building over the years have been in conflict with these values and has therefore put a stop to the display of all of the artwork in the building. We are urgently trying to suggest guidelines and a process that would address these concerns and allow the art gallery to continue.


I’m looking for information from anyone who manages an art gallery in a courthouse. Specifically, I would like to see your guidelines for artists with regards to content that may be in conflict with the ‘values’ of the Judiciary. What are your limits on work that contains political opinions and/or religious symbols? Do you have any other limitations, such as work that can be viewed as ‘violent or depressing’ or any other limitations?


What are your procedures to insure that the work meets these guidelines? I appreciate anything you can share.


Thank you,  Tom


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