Wow! Thank you all for your insight and responses!


I have read carefully all of your responses and am working to incorporate what will be appropriate for Salt Lake City’s circumstances.


Good luck to all of you with your maintenance endeavors, phew!





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Subject: RE: Percent for Art Ordinance Increase 1% to 1.5% & Enterprise Fee


Hi Kat,


The public art ordinance for the city of Aurora, CO provides that certain city construction projects will set aside one percent for public art. Of that, 75% is used for projects, and 25% is set aside for maintenance and administration.  The Public Art Program does not receive an annual allocation from the general fund.  However, this year we have received a large lump sum from the general fund to help us address the growing maintenance and conservation needs of our collection.  It can be expended over several years-time.


Aurora also has two ordinances addressing private development projects.  The Art in Transit-Oriented Development piece requires that private developers in designated TOD zones, must set aside 1% for public art.  They are required to work with this office to develop a formal public art plan which must receive additional approval before implementation. We receive 5% for our work with them in developing the public art plan and for oversite that we provide to ensure the work is completed as planned. This funding goes directly into our admin and maintenance budget.


The second ordinance applies to metro districts and the budget is determined by a specific formula as it relates to land use (residential, mixed use, and non-residential.) As with the TOD’s, they work with this office to develop and gain approval for their public art plan.  And, we receive 5% for our work with them in the plan development and for the oversite required until the work is completed.  Some of these large scale metro districts have fairly large public art budget that come into play as the project roll out might role out over 20 years or more.  The 5% fee goes directly into our admin and maintenance budget.


Wishing you the best with your endeavors!


Roberta Bloom


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Subject: Percent for Art Ordinance Increase 1% to 1.5% & Enterprise Fee


Hello Public Art Colleagues,


Nice to e-meet you all! My name is Kat and I am fairly new to managing Salt Lake City’s public art program. I am hoping you all can help me with a few questions on developing a maintenance fund and finding other revenue funds.


Salt Lake City is exploring a percent for art ordinance revision with an increase from 1% to 1.5% with the .5% being deposited into a maintenance account. Has anyone made this increase in recent years and can you provide any guidance or advice? If depositing a percentage into a maintenance fund, what are the restrictions with using the funds?


We are also exploring what it might look like to charge enterprise entities a fee for using the City’s public art process. Does anyone have experience with developing this fee and in your experience was this a beneficial or problematic to charge a fee?


Any insight on either question would be much appreciated!


With gratitude,




Public Art Program Manager


Salt Lake City Arts Council



Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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