Hi guys -

Since insurance is the topic, it is becoming more difficult to get transport insurance of some kind for my transporting of my work to the site myself.  Some budget ranges don’t really allow for paying an transport vendor with the insurance to transport the work for me which also involves a different type of packing / crating for handling.  I also enjoy the journey myself as a part of the public artist experience.  

Any good transport insurance options out there for transporting the art oneself?

Eileen Gay
Lead Artist

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On Jan 30, 2019, at 10:58 AM, Helen Lessick <helen.lessick@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Lauren and colleagues,

The cost of GL coverage is high in our field, especially for artists working with small budgets.
Check to see if Memphis participates in the SPARTA program (Special Events and Artisan, Tradesmen Contractors).  It is not always a cheaper option, but is available to independent artists and artisans work with participating municipalities.   https://www.2sparta.com/

Another option is for an artist to be subcontracted through a third party, likely the site manager. A willing convention center or park could subcontract the artist, and add them to their GL policy, to ensure realization of the artwork.

Despite what others have written, artists can get professional liability insurance coverage. I have carried it myself here in southern CA. Know it is crazy expensive coverage and will likely never pay a claim, but provides the client's legal dept. with a sense of security, especially for those of us working in public art policy interpretation and innovation, and with clients newer to public art.

Good luck!

Helen Lessick
Los Angeles

Contract a producing agent, such as a 
On Wed, 30 Jan 2019 at 08:36, Lauren Kennedy <lauren@uacmem.org> wrote:
Good morning, everyone,

We are looking into a different insurance structure where artists could possibly go through us for the professional and general liability insurance for public art projects. Do any of you have examples of a policy like this? We have found that the insurance requirements needed by the City of Memphis can be a real cost burden to artists over the life of a project, and wanting to make that a bit easier if possible. 

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can send our way!

Lauren Kennedy
Executive Director :: UrbanArt Commission
422 N. Cleveland St.
Memphis, TN 38104

lauren@uacmem.org :: 901.552.3934

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