Hi Rebecca,

I concur w/Elise on Artworks Foundry. They are very capable. In addition to a number of major works in our collection, they have national reach and their works include the large figures around the Disney HQ in Burbank and the very large, iconic bust of legendary jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker in St. Louis MO. Great people to work with. Licensed contractor.



Lynn Rogers

City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs 

(408) 793-4339 or x34339



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A couple to consider from your neighbors to the north:




Good Luck!



Elise DeMarzo





Elise DeMarzo | Public Art Program Director

1313 Newell Road | Palo Alto, CA 94303

D: 650.617.3517  | E: elise.demarzo@cityofpaloalto.org


Facebook: facebook.com/publicartpa



Please think of the environment before printing this email – Thank you.





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I am seeking recommendations for an experienced foundry/fabricator who is capable of taking on a complex and custom job.


We are working on a monument project with over 200 bronze elements, each approx. 15ft high x 4 inches square, and tapered at the top. The finish is proposed to be a raw quenched free pour and mirror polish. Each element is designed to have a light effect at its apex. Some are proposed to have engraved quotes as a surface treatment.


The artist’s quote for the bronze elements, from a foundry in China, has almost doubled in cost since the concept design was approved in 2016. I am hoping to provide some alternative sources for them to do the project.


All leads appreciated!!


Thank you!


Rebecca Ehemann

Public Art Administrator

City of West Hollywood

Economic Development Department / Arts Division

making art happen

8300 Santa Monica Blvd. | West Hollywood, CA 90069

323.848.6846 | rehemann@weho.org | www.weho.org/arts


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