Indiana doesn't have business taxes, but anyone doing business on contract with a public entity in the state has to get a state business license. It's inexpensive, $50 or less. And of course artists have to pay state, local, and federal income taxes. 

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If they do business in the City they need a business license (tax) and also much pay sales tax (9.25%) on the work they sell.


I’ve attached our business license which lays out the fee schedule.


The reality, of course, is that many artists do not do this. Many don’t even know they are supposed to do this.


Also, many artists get paid via partnering/trading services.




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Does your city government tax artists?


The City of Charleston treats artists as independent contractors. They have to register as a business($20/YR), pay city service fee ($156/YR), and B/O tax (1% of earnings)


How does this compare to your municipal taxes/fees?





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