Hello Everyone,

Various entities in our city are working together to enliven the downtown and one recent project was a crosswalk painting.  More are planned but before they move ahead there is a need to find a better product to use. The product used was Sherwin Williams Pro-Park Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint (B97 Series) and I understand that it was well applied, to cover all areas.

The location is a busy downtown intersection so the crosswalk is receiving regular straight traffic as well as many cars turning. The asphalt is not new - it is slightly rough in places with some rounded stone protruding here and there and small areas of depression here and there.  The area was cleaned by the street department 2+ weeks prior to the crosswalk painting (which had to be postponed due to rain but the area was well swept just prior to the painting).

There was no preparatory material applied to the road surface -- the white paint was laid down and other colors applied on top of that.  There was no additional coating after the paint was laid down.


It was during an intense hot spell, and the temps were running above 90 that day. There was a tent put up over the crosswalk to try to alleviate the direct sun being on the area to be painted so it may be possible that heat played a role.


Within only one day the paint looked considerably duller than it had when painted and clearly is not holding up as well as was hoped.  The intention is that the design will be repeated in other colors on the other 3 crosswalks at that intersection but they don't want to go forward with this same material. 

Does anyone have a favorite crosswalk material - in particular a good paint, but I'll pass on any suggestions that anyone has that seems to have a longer life than this product did in this circumstance.

Thanks very much,

Mary Kramer

Art Spaces, Inc.