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I just got back from Africa.   Have you been there on your journey?

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Dear Colleagues,

Add a slice of birthday cake to your lunch plans. Saw this great WHYY piece about the 60th birthday the city of Philadelphia’s percent for art program, the first in the country. Thought I would pass it along:

Philadelphia ignighted my love of traveling. I grew up on Long Island, and we went to Philadelphia on my 5th grade field trip. I will never forget riding the bus into the heart of the city at dawn, seeing people going to work and walking dogs on a vibrant, beautiful street. I remember thinking, “Wow, the world is so big.”   Today I am writing from Antafogasta, Chile and will be meeting people who organize this festival this afternoon: Look for a new #publicartpostcard in the near future...

Happy Birthday, Philly!  Thanks for the gift. 

Renee Piechocki

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