Send your change in wording.  Obviously
“citizen”   would not fit your model, nor “resident”  so would like to know what you come up with for our purposes as well


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Subject: More inclusive proclamation


Good morning Network,


I am in the process of getting the Arts and Humanities month proclamation to my mayor and I struggled over this bit of language and found it pretty non-inclusive.


In these times when the title of American is being co-opted, stripped from certain people and defined to exclude others; when legal immigrants, foreign nationals like me choosing to reside in the US are being targeted; where there are communities with undocumented immigrants living in fear and in the shadows we have to be that much more careful about the language that we use.


The template proclamation provided that reads "the arts and humanities enhance and enrich the lives of every American"  doesn’t feel like it is the best way to demonstrate inclusiveness when talking about the people that the work we do impacts every day.


I am going to change the language for the proclamation that I advance to the mayor and I encourage you all to think about it and do the same.


Thanks J


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