In Indianapolis:

1.  Public art is defined in the Regional Center design guidelines (as a desirable design element) and in the city's sign code (where it is noted as exempt from regulation). See attached info sheet containing the sign code language and the attached cut from the RCDG document.

2.  Public art does not require separate city permitting UNLESS it is to be located in the Regional Center or in a designated historic district. In the Regional Center we need to get Regional Center approval, in a historic district we need to get a Certificate of Appropriateness.  In other districts, it doesn't need a permit unless it (like any other thing) encroaches onto city property, in which case we have to do an encroachment permit. We pay the costs for all permits, although some are reduced or waived for us.

There are various other permits we may need to get depending on location but not because it's art.  For example, anything placed on parks property has to have a maintenance MOU, plus a flora permit if it engages any living plants.  If it's on a piece of infrastructure belonging to Public Works we have to get a MOU for that as well.  For our city, it really doesn't matter what it is, just what it's touching.

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Greetings Pan Pals


I’m interested in collecting a quick survey of permitting and land use definitions as they relate to public art, and will happily share responses once I’ve received them.  My questions for you are:


  1. In your municipality or where you’ve received commissions, is public art defined in any capacity within the municipality’s land use code?
    1. If yes, please provide the language.
  2. In your municipality or where you’ve received commissions, do public art commissions require city permitting?
    1. If yes, is there a public art permit?
    2. If yes, what permits do you need to obtain?
    3. If yes, who shoulders the permit costs?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!





Mandy Vink

Public Art Program, Office of Arts and Culture





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