In answer to your questions:

1.       No, public art requirements are not part of land use codes. 

2.       Yes, we need to have public art and its infrastructure  permitted same as any city structure and the same codes apply.  Sometimes our work is wrapped into the building permit for the larger building, but not always and we have to pay for the permit.


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Greetings Pan Pals


I’m interested in collecting a quick survey of permitting and land use definitions as they relate to public art, and will happily share responses once I’ve received them.  My questions for you are:


  1. In your municipality or where you’ve received commissions, is public art defined in any capacity within the municipality’s land use code?
    1. If yes, please provide the language.
  1. In your municipality or where you’ve received commissions, do public art commissions require city permitting?
    1. If yes, is there a public art permit?
    2. If yes, what permits do you need to obtain?
    3. If yes, who shoulders the permit costs?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!





Mandy Vink

Public Art Program, Office of Arts and Culture





Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program

Library & Arts Department

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