Worcester is also interested. Thanks, Catherine.


Erin I. Williams

Cultural Development Officer

Office of the City Manager

City of Worcester

455 Main Street Room 409

Worcester, MA 01608

508-799-1400 ext. 3




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Would are exploring and would love info on this as well. Please forward responses




Catherine Cathers

Arts & Culture Specialist


City of Coral Gables

Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Department

2327 Salzedo St

Coral Gables, FL  33134





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Dear PAN Listserv Folks,


Given the fact that many communities are expanding opportunities for ways in which percent for art dollars can be spent, I am looking for examples of specific projects involving artist live/work spaces that have been in some way been funded through percent for art dollars.  Any information will be greatly appreciated and I’m happy to share results with anyone else who is interested.  Thanks!





Sarah Conley Odenkirk


6253 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Office:  323.499.1144 
Cell:  310.990.9581


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