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Subject: NEW! What is a Public Art Administrator? Document


Hi PAN Listserv,


This past fall our wonderful public art intern Sabah Rana developed a new document to help educate and highlight what public art administrators do. Based on research, reviewing job descriptions, and interviews with leaders in the field she created and designed What is a Public Art Administrator?, a simple infographic-like document that highlights what a public art administrator is, their key duties and outlines a day in a life.


This document aims to provide insight into what a public art administrator does, what experiences, backgrounds or education is needed to become one, as well as job outlook and salary ranges. "What is a Public Art Administrator?" provides insight for those curious about the field and what it takes to work in public art, and provides those who are already in the field with a national perspective to help educate others on what their job is.


You can download the document here: and use the attached image to help share this across your networks!


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