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Hi Sherri, et al.


In 2017 Americans for the Arts completed a survey of public art programs which asked that very question. The final report, which can be downloaded here, didn’t dive that deeply, however of the survey respondents 60% stated they were part of public agencies. Of that 60%, 99% responded to the question “If your public art program is administered under the umbrella of a public agency, please identify the agency/department in which it operates.” Of those,


37% listed their department/agency as “Arts / Cultural Affairs”  

15% listed their department/agency as “Economic Development”    

15% listed their department/agency as “Parks and Recreation”    

7%   listed their department/agency as “Planning and/or Community Development”

3%   listed their department/agency as “Public art program is a STAND-ALONE public agency or department”

3%   listed their department/agency as “Transportation/Public Works”


The remaining 20% listed “Other” as their department/agency. When asked to provide more details, the responses ranged from “Library and Arts” to “Mayor’s Office”, “Real Estate and Facilities Services”, “Community Services”, and “Marketing” to name a few.


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Subject: Survey on where Public Art Program's live (inside Gov'ts)


Hello PAN Fellows,

Didn’t someone do a survey not too long ago that showed where – what departments – Public Art Program are housed?


Would love to get my hands on a copy of that.


Sherri Brueggemann


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