As you know with
 VenturesinVision,  I create public art tours in the five boroughs which often focus on completed percent for art projects.

I would be happy to testify that, because of such a small staff at DCA,  there is little opportunity to promote these excellent completed artworks.

I know from visiting other cities in the USA and globally, there are tours available for residents as well as tourists.

Also with some of the NYC projects now over 20 years old, DCA could definitely benefit from having both systemic conservation funding and staff.

A salute to DCA, Tom, Kendal and staff for their on going commitment to Percent for Art.


Cathie Behrend 

* (Former Deputy Director of NYC  Percent for Art for 12 years)

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On Dec 6, 2019, at 10:13 AM, Janet Zweig <janetzweig@gmail.com> wrote:

´╗┐Greetings again,

I have been asked to testify at the NYC City Council regarding the NYC Percent for Art Program and I want to bring facts in order to be supportive. 

 I found the Survey and the chart that is being shared on this Listserve very helpful but I want to bring some comparative specific statistics for large cities.

Currently NY Percent for Art is managing 167 projects with three staff members (!) Can anyone give me comparable stats for other cities? How many projects at one time and how many staff members to handle them?

I appreciate your help - this is in support of the NYC program.

Janet Z.

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