Thank you Susan, and everyone who wrote directly to me and on the list serve. This is such useful information!!

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We try to keep our work load at around 12-15 projects per PM.  However, unlike NYC, all the contracts are with our agency.  I believe in NYC, the artist contracts are with the architects, which might reduce NYC work load per project.  Nonetheless, I don’t see how anyone manages 167 projects at one time!


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Dear Janet,


Austin AIPP has about 70 active projects (value about $8 mil) and 5 project managers to handle them. We aim for each project manager to ideally have 10-12 active percent-for-art permanent commissions at a time, although it has been up to 20 projects at times, including temporary commissions. (This is not ideal and can lead to staff burn-out.)


During our program’s 15-step process, the PM is expected to work closely with each artist and the community, stakeholders and city department receiving the art. The approvals process includes oversight by the AIPP Panel and the Arts Commission.


Good luck with your testimony. 167 active projects and 3 staff seems untenable.







Susan Lambe, Art In Public Places Program Manager


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Greetings again,


I have been asked to testify at the NYC City Council regarding the NYC Percent for Art Program and I want to bring facts in order to be supportive. 


 I found the Survey and the chart that is being shared on this Listserve very helpful but I want to bring some comparative specific statistics for large cities.


Currently NY Percent for Art is managing 167 projects with three staff members (!) Can anyone give me comparable stats for other cities? How many projects at one time and how many staff members to handle them?


I appreciate your help - this is in support of the NYC program.


Janet Z.



Janet Zweig, LLC

54 Willow St. #4A

Brooklyn, NY 11201


mobile: 917-282-4010









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