We’ve addressed it by including our department as a signer during the permit process. When a project meets the threshold, we require a signed affidavit attesting to the construction cost and I issue a sub-permit for the fee. This includes municipal and private development projects. If we don’t receive it and the fee isn’t paid (or put into our fund) we don’t approve the permit; and the permit can’t move forward without all approvals.


Good luck!



Catherine Cathers

Arts & Culture Specialist


City of Coral Gables

Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Department

2327 Salzedo St

Coral Gables, FL  33134





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In the City of Columbia, Missouri -- we have a 1% for art ordinance for capital improvement projects over $1 million. 


Attached is the ordinance, and you will see in Section 7 that the City Manager (and staff) recommend which CIP would be eligible during the budget process. We then have our Commission on Cultural Affairs recommend to City Council to officially designate the project. 


In Section 2, it defines what costs can be included in the 1%(costs for architects and engineers but excluding land costs). 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about our process here in Columbia. 

Sarah Dresser
Office of Cultural Affairs
City of Columbia, Missouri

573.874.7512 | comoarts.com



On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 6:14 PM Megan Berner <bernerm@reno.gov> wrote:

Hi all,


We have a 2% for Public Art Ordinance at the City of Reno for all city capital improvement projects. However, when the ordinance was created, there weren't really any procedures put in place to ensure that those projects were allocating those funds appropriately. Our ordinance is somewhat unclear on which costs are eligible and which aren't. Also, unclear on where the allocation gets enforced--there is some language in the ordinance that the CIP Review Committee will put together a report at the start of the fiscal year with the budgets for all CIP projects and calculate that 2% but whether that happens or not is unclear (in other words, our department and commission does not see that report or those numbers).


I'm wondering if any cities with percent for art programs can share any procedures they have in place for ensuring those funds do get allocated. (For example, if that happens in a budget form where the costs of the project are broken down explaining which costs are eligible and which aren't and showing the 2% for each CIP.) We are looking to implement some sort of checks to make sure that the 2% is allocated properly for each project. 


Another question: If you have a % for art ordinance, where is the funding taken from? Is it CIP or something like a hotel or tourism tax?

Thank you all for your help with this!


Megan Berner

Public Art Program Coordinator

City of Reno

Arts, Culture, & Events

Office of the City Manager

McKinley Arts & Culture Center

925 Riverside Drive

Reno, NV  89503
w. 775.326.6333




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