I would love it as well! 


Dee Boyle-Clapp


Arts Extension Service


217 Hampshire House

131 County Circle

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amherst, MA 01003-9257




413-545-5241 direct

413-545-2360 main office

413-545-2361 fax


Apply now to become eligible to earn our new Leadership Certificate in Arts Management designed for those who are working to advance their arts management careers.  Learn more here:  https://www.umass.edu/aes/newsandevents/new-online-cultural-policy-and-advocacy-course-spring-2018

The Arts Extension Service has moved!  Find us on the second floor of Hampshire House, in the NEPR/WFCR building. 


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Greetings Colleagues,

I too would be interested in receiving this information You can email me directly. Thanks for the suggestion Jeffrey.



Erin I. Williams

Cultural Development Officer

455 Main Street Room 409

Worcester, MA 01608

508-799-1400; ext. 31413


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Dear Colleagues,


After 15 years, the town of Chapel Hill, NC Percent for Public Art Ordinance and Procedures is undergoing review and updating.  I would like to gather samples of % for Public Art ordinances and procedural documents from programs who have updated or revised their % for art ordinances and/or procedural documents within the last three years.  Lots of issues about definitions, conservation set asides, eligibility, process, commission’s role, etc. have surfaced and, I am looking for best practice samples as I make my case for revisions.


I am thanking you in advance for the information and sample documents


 Jeffrey J. York
                         Public & Cultural Arts Administrator
                         Cultural Arts
                         Chapel Hill Library
                         Town of Chapel Hill
                         100 Library Drive
                         Chapel Hill, NC 27514

                         Phone: (919) 968-2750


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