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From: [] On Behalf Of Jeff York
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2017 10:08 AM
Subject: public art ordinances


Dear Colleagues,


After 15 years, the town of Chapel Hill, NC Percent for Public Art Ordinance and Procedures is undergoing review and updating.  I would like to gather samples of % for Public Art ordinances and procedural documents from programs who have updated or revised their % for art ordinances and/or procedural documents within the last three years.  Lots of issues about definitions, conservation set asides, eligibility, process, commission’s role, etc. have surfaced and, I am looking for best practice samples as I make my case for revisions.


I am thanking you in advance for the information and sample documents


 Jeffrey J. York
                         Public & Cultural Arts Administrator
                         Cultural Arts
                         Chapel Hill Library
                         Town of Chapel Hill
                         100 Library Drive
                         Chapel Hill, NC 27514

                         Phone: (919) 968-2750


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