We did this in Santa Rosa, CA. It has been a big success....

Thank you.

Mark and Ilana


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While this is not in direct response to your specific situation, I thought you may enjoy this post that was circulated by our local cycling/transit advocacy group Bikemore earlier today. A little example of public monuments being used to slow down traffic and support pedestrians from almost 100 years ago.  I would also love to hear about any other examples of public art designed to capture the attention of moving cyclists that you receive.





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Does anyone have any experience or examples of public art projects for bicycle traffic calming or pedestrian crowd control on combined bike and pedestrian paths? We have a congested area on a path due to pedestrian interaction with a trail-side waterfall. Bicyclists don't want to slow down when riding through this area. Our Parks Department is considering some type of public art project to try to help with this situation, like maybe a mural on the pathway. Could this help, or would it create another distraction that would create more congestion? Any other ideas of ways to resolve this issue?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts, examples, or experiences you may have. I'll be happy to share the responses with the group if others are interested. Thanks!

Best wishes,


Sean Scoopmire

Chairman, Art in Public Places Commission

City of Greenville, South Carolina

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