Good morning APPC members,

Please find the attached APP Workshop #1 handout provided to those in attendance at yesterday's meeting. Ashley will be posting this, meeting minutes, and additional resources on the portal by COB today and will send a notice to you when that is up.

There are a couple of assignments for APPC members and deadlines in preparation of the December 14th APPC meeting. You will see that the agenda items are significant because we are beginning to dig deeper into important conversations that will support the Five Year Plan goals and objectives, guiding the APP program into greater success and impact city-wide. This "infrastructure" and direction needs to be defined in order to evaluate new commissions and gifts going forward.

This is an engaging process and opportunity for very meaningful work. I'm grateful for each of you and your dedication to APP! If you were unable to attend yesterday, have no worries. I also apologize for any confusion on scheduling. Meeting dates, start times, and location are locked in for future meetings. This information will be provided to you by Ashley. She will also update the portal quickly following workshops and we are available to discuss at any time. I will go over each Workshop #1 agenda item at the 12/13 APPC meeting, so all APPC members are informed and able to participate fully in the initial stages of this work whether in attendance to workshops or not.

To highlight:

Due by 12/6.
  • Review #1 suggested member assignments
  • APP Collection Standards and Criteria

Due by 12/13 APPC meeting:

  • Research public art programs nationwide for Mission and Vision statements. Is there a model(s) to follow or direction to glean from?
  • Select one public artist/artwork that inspires you

Important date: The Downtown Sculpture Initiative proposal presentation will be Jan 3, 2017 APP Workshop #2. Discussion will continue among APPC members at the following Jan. 17 APPC meeting.

Please note: Item #1 is a table of suggested member assignments for six main areas of focus for the APPC. At this time, I have added an x and noted "Chair" for some members based on the assets that each of you bring to the table. At your earliest opportunity, please review and confirm by email if you are interested in the suggested focus areas and any chair responsibilities for that I have noted. Also, I'd like you to indicate other areas of interest if not marked. There is no limit of APPC members for the "panels." All APPC members will be subject to Sunshine Laws. Each workshop will be publicly noticed, and members cannot discuss APP matters outside of that meeting. At this time the only two areas identified for "panels" are Maintenance and Gifts. The other areas will initially be led by APPC members and current work.

Thanks to the folks who were able to attend yesterday's APP Workshop #1. I saw the meeting as an opportunity to first observe and best determine an efficient and meaningful path for the work that APPC can engage directly going forward considering the desired outcome of APP workshops. Your feedback will be very helpful for me to set the course and ensure productivity for upcoming workshops and meetings.

I'd also like to thank the Office of General Counsel for joining us and contributing to the conversation!

More soon and thank you!


Christie Holechek




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