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Sculpture Pad Design and Specs Holly Garriott (04 Sep 2020 11:02 UTC)

Sculpture Pad Design and Specs Holly Garriott 04 Sep 2020 11:02 UTC

We have an annual rotating sculpture exhibition, The DownEast Sculpture Exhibition, and have had the municipalities and entities throughout the county pour concrete pads for the sculptures. However, we have left this up to each municipality to create besides our advice as to size and format (square or round). We have had over 20 total pads created over the years.

However, we are now having new locations that would like more guidance on implementing the concrete pads, and are requesting shop drawings and specs for them.

Does anyone have some generic designs for this, or is this something we are going to need to hire a landscape architect/engineer to complete?

Since the sculpture rotates each year, the weight and size will differ, so we typically try and at least have an 8’ diameter/width. There has also been a debate on whether to put reinforcement into the concrete or not - the municipalities want to, and I have artists say please don’t as when they drill in they may hit it.

Our goal is to have these specs and drawings in our Policies & Procedures so we can quickly have it accessible for new additions.

Thanks for any guidance.

Holly Garriott
Executive Director, Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge
404 S. Evans St.
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