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Hi Erik. Yes, true, you're ineligible. (Heads up that you're about to get a similar email sent to all rostered artists.) -M

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I hope you're well.  If I read this correctly, we're ineligible for this RFQ since we have an active contract for WSU -- is that true?  If not, let me know as we'd love to apply.  Thanks!

I'll send you a separate email about a WSU question as well, so keep an eye out for that.

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>  Hello PAN,
>  We are excited to announce a Call for Artists (RFQ) for the new
> Washington State Library Archives Building, in partnership with the
> Office of the Secretary of State. The total budget is $357,000,
> inclusive of design, fabrication, installation, and related sales tax.
>  The deadline for submissions is MONDAY, OCTOBER 11.
>  Please review the guidelines for more information, and feel free to
> contact me with questions.
>  Best,
>  Mike
>  Michael Sweney
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