Good morning!

First of all, a very sincere 'thank you' for extending us some grace in getting things up and rolling relative to the partnership with Americans for the Arts (AFTA). As with all new things, we encountered some hiccups along the way. 

We are so thrilled to come together as a collective in Summit County and work with AFTA to build our bench locally and provide additional resources to organizations that are doing incredible work in our community.

The organizations represented in this collective have all received one year of membership at no charge from our friends at AFTA.  In addition, we are seeking to connect with colleagues locally both through special events (optional!) and this listserv. To that end, I have two requests:

1) Please take a moment to set-up your membership account with AFTA.  This will provide you access to national listservs, free webinars, data, and a plethora of information.  Instructions on how to do this are attached and Isaac will keep this open for you until 5/24 and will have all of your accounts finalized by the 31st of the month.  If you run into any difficulty with registration, email Isaac. He's awesome and incredibly helpful.

2) Please share the attached with your board and staff.  (We did not presume to add board members to this listserv, but they also receive the benefit of free membership.)

The organizations represented on the listserv are: 
Center for Applied Drama and Autism (CADA)
Collide, Cuyahoga Falls
Summit Artspace
Wandering Aesthetics
The Northeast Ohio Healing Arts Alliance
VIBE Collective
The Nightlight Cinema
Rubber City Theatre
New World Performance Lab
NEOS Dance Theatre
Magical Theatre Company
Crafty Mart

Let's seek to be respectful of how we use the listserv and I will work on putting some guidelines together. The overarching goal is for this to be used as a resource and help locally. We know our development as professionals is vitally important both for our work and for our health. I appreciate you going on this journey with me.

I will be in touch soon with some invites and next steps, but for now- get yourself registered and start enjoying the benefits of membership!

Many thanks,