ArtsFund (in Seattle) co-hosted a mayoral forum in 2017. teamed up with partners both in arts and environmental sectors for a forum addressing mayoral candidates' perspectives and experience in both topic areas.

Among our partners for the event was a media partner, who both livestreamed and archived the event...beyond what's highlighted in our writeup (linked above), I don't have a list of the final questions, but all are included in there recording.

One big takeaway centers on the power of partnership--we had a packed house and online audience, filling the room with cross sector perspective.  Another was the success of leveraging the partnerships to crowd source questions in advance, providing them to our moderators for consideration in the program.   It was a low cost, high visibility opportunity to engage the community around the core questions of how arts (and the environment) impact civic life and how policy impacts artists and creative industry,  and an event we would definitely consider doing again.

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Hello, all! 

Another question related to the fuzzy line between the UAF's role in the public/private sectors... 

I recently had a conversation with the fabulous Flora Maria Garcia at United Arts in Orlando. She mentioned that she has hosted Mayoral Forums prior to a primary with questions geared to understand each candidate's position on matters related to arts, culture and quality of life. We are thinking about doing this in Fort Wayne. 

Questions for you:

1) Have you ever hosted a candidate forum?
2) What questions did you ask?
3) How did you share information from the forum with your constituents or stakeholders?
4) Any lessons learned or words of wisdom?

With enthusiasm,

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