Good afternoon, all! Great to see you and get the chance to share our ideas, progress, and concerns with you – and thanks for an amazing place to do it, ArtsMemphis!  As promised, here are the resources you asked that I share post-event.


Public sector funding sheet I passed around is attached.

A few of you asked about the job description we used in our Presidential search.  I have that and the President blueprint attached.

An infographic we use on the impact of arts and healing is attached.


Website prototypes that we made to test out models of the Cultural Alliance (I managed to find two). - one most like the structure we ended up going with. - this is the one that people really HATED!


Our Arts in Education program – we have most of the information on our residencies and artists here:


If I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know! Take care, and thanks so much for a great few days.


Kelley Gibson


Cultural Alliance of York County

14 W. Market Street

York, PA  17401


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