Rafael – we set operating grant awards every three years, making a commitment for level-funding for those three years (dependent on fundraising success) so that these 44 organizations can have budget stability and we have flexibility with any increased campaign funds. In a scoring year, our panels score organizations against a rubric related to ArtsWave’s Blueprint for Collective Action – our shared community impact objectives. Panelists also provide feedback in the form of written comments, but they don’t deal with dollars.


All scores are averaged and shared with a different committee, which has oversight of the entire grants portfolio. Staff provides this committee with a funding proposal that is based on a formula: ArtsWave will provide a minimum of 4% of the organization’s operating budget (thereby setting an equitable threshold), and higher depending on score earned, according to funds available (if we can’t fund the entire portfolio as the formula suggests, we reduce across the board). Any deviations from the formula relative to budget size and score is determined by the oversight committee and documented.


We provide each organization with a written summary of feedback (compiled/edited by staff), their score and ranking by quartile vs. their peers, and the math formula which gets them to their award amount.


In non-scoring years, we run the same process but instead of scoring, panelists rate as on-track/not-on-track toward impact objectives.


Much of this can be found on our website.


Hope this helps and good luck!



Alecia Kintner
President & CEO
513.632.0146  |  artswave.org

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My organization is looking into UAF general best practices on using panels to determine grant awards. We currently hold panel meetings where applicants are scored and ranked and the ranking is translated into a proposed grant amount. We then allow the panel members to weigh in and move dollars around if they wish. Does anyone else:


  1. Share proposed grant amounts that result from panel scores and ranking at panel meetings?
  2. Let panel members move funds from one organization to another without tying it to a score change?
  3. Have any other process?


Much thanks for any info you’re able to provide.


Warmest regards,




Manager, Grants & Arts Education


2450 Maitland Center Parkway, Suite 201 | Maitland, FL 32751-4140

Direct 407.790.7844

UnitedArts.cc | Rafael@UnitedArts.cc


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