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I’m delighted to share this news with you, for those looking for additional leadership training.


We will absolutely still hold our annual United Arts Fund Leadership Retreat in the fall, which will continue to focus on issues and topics of priority to your work.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.




Jessica Stern

Private Sector Initiatives Programs Manager

Americans for the Arts

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Hello/hola, Local Arts Network!


It is with much excitement that we announce the launch of the new Forum programs. You may be familiar with our longest running leadership development program, Executive Leadership Forum at Sundance. That was expanded to a city immersion program that we kicked off in 2016. This year, we have made some changes and added a new program.


In 2020, we will offer four leadership development programs – Executive Leaders Forum, Arts Leaders Forum, Leaders of Color Forum and the newest in the suite – Public Art Leaders Forum.


The redesigned Executive Leaders Forum (Oct 2020) will be open to executive and senior leadership of arts agencies and will take place at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smryna Beach, Florida. The Arts Leaders Forum (Sep 2020) will be held in Columbus, Ohio and is open to manager level and above arts administrators working in the sector. The Leaders of Color Forum (Aug 2020) will invite manager level and above arts administrators that self-identify as a person of color and working in the sector. And last but not least, the Public Art Leaders Forum (Oct 2020) is open to Public Art administrators and will be located in Salt Lake City, UT.


You can learn more and submit your application by visiting: https://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/networks-and-councils/local-arts-network/professional-development


Applications open today and close April 24, 2020.


If you have any questions, please email us and we are happy to help.




Ruby Lopez Harper

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Americans for the Arts

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