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Last week was a flurry of award announcements and ended with the Super Bowl yesterday. There were some nostalgic ads, some strange ads and two ads that used stock footage causing a marketers nightmare. But other storms brewed last week that we want to share to spark your thinking.


Remember Frances McDormand’s call for an inclusion rider to increase female representation in the film industry? That sparked a movement around how to use inclusion riders to advance equity, but did much change? How did this show up in your community? Did it? We hope so. But just in case, Jan Diehm, Sisi Wei and Erika Owens published the Speaker Rider for Meaningfully Inclusive Events. Intended to provide a platform for advancing inclusion in event around speaker compensation, representation and acting as a starting point to support and hold accountable those that are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. What drew our attention to the rider and the accompanying blog was the call to action on both sides of the process – as a speaker and as an event organizer. Check it out, share it, weave it in to your practice and see how many of the criteria you can advance this year in your event planning. We’re looking at our events and having the same discussion. Let us know how it works out for your organization or your practice.


In other news:

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has recognized 100 culture bearers doing meaningful work in their communities. This year’s list is no different. Seeing folks like this reminds me over and over again that we exist, we are present, we deserve to be seen. Who is doing work in your community that deserves to be uplifted? When you’re looking for partners and voices, do you know where to find them?

Announcing the YBCA 100

(Fun fact: Amanda Gorman was an honoree in 2018)


First Peoples Fund Announces 2021 Awards to Culture Bearers and Native Artist Entrepreneurs

Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rock Senegal Residency Announced 16 Artists Selected for Inaugural Year

United States Artists announces 2021 USA Fellows


We also want to shed some light on recent news around women in the workplace – what does this mean as we continue to create supportive workspaces and honor individuals in the workplace? Will these sobering perspectives shift how you shape your office culture in 2021? With a workforce that is largely female, the arts are equally susceptible. How is this showing up in your community?

Women in the Workplace – A Critical Crossroads

A year ago, women outnumbered men in the U.S. workforce, now they account for 100% of jobs lost in December


Representation is a step in the process of advancing equity – one way, but not the ONLY way. Still, it is notable to see NBCUniversal pledges to include actors with disabilities in auditions for all film, TV projects and what it could mean for the industry and the field at large.


Learning opportunities and Activities

OnDemand, BIPOC Leaders Are Changing the Rules

Presented by ArtEquity, Black, Indigenous, People of Color leaders, helming BIPOC institutions and BIPOC leaders of white institutions gather to discuss radical partnerships.


February 11, Centering Equity & Shifting Practices ($69)

This webinar will explore the question: As leaders committed to social change and racial justice, what human resources practices can we use on our paths to become explicitly anti-racist organizations?


February 17, Black History Month Series: Is ASL too White?

Presented by Georgetown University


February 17, Social Impact of Mural Art : Raw Hope of Humanity Rising

Mural art in public spaces as an expression of social and political resistance providing a collaborative platform for community action.


In week 2 of Black History Month, I’m exploring cinematic representation of Black individuals and how they shape our understanding, perceptions and assumptions. Do you enjoy film? Here are 28 Films to Watch During Black History Month That Aren't About Black Trauma.


Lastly, the National Museum of Women in the Arts is hosting a year-long activation to highlight women artists in 2021. #5WomenArtists 2021.

Don’t work for a museum or just interested in learning more? Check out 35 Queens Of Black History Who Deserve Much More Glory.



(If you want to share ways this work is showing up in your organization or community, or if you have questions, let us know using this form)


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