Durham Arts Council is in an historic building (1906) that we converted to an arts center in the late 1980’s.  City owns it, and we have long term contract to manage and program it and own some of the leasehold improvements.  In addition to our cash grants programs, we  provide grants of facility space for arts groups and artists to utilize the building for rehearsals, meetings, office, performance, workspace.  Many of our local groups are in the building weekly; some episodically.  This facility support is a major part of our support for the arts sector.
We have 4 art galleries in the building – we operate three of them, and we grant one gallery to the local art guild; two theatres; dance studios, visual art studios, digital lab; darkroom; multi-purpose meeting/event rooms; 2 story Pavilion. We offer over 800 arts classes a year – mostly onsite.  We also rent the building outside of the grant program to arts sector and general public for a variety of events.  Last year we programmed 4,884 events, programs, classes, performances, and meetings in the building – our own plus those of our grantees and local community.

92% of events/programs were arts and cultural;  8% private (corporate, family, wedding, parties, church events, local school events, other). 


We have a full time Facility Director (senior position) has oversight of all facility security, maintenance, operations, usage by various clients, and full time Asst. Facility Manager, who is our primary rental sales rep.  That Asst Manager position also handles front desk reception, building tours for potential clients, facility scheduling, rental contracts, communication with maintenance staff that do room set ups/take down; communication with regular building tenants, and assists other departments as time allows.  Salary range for Asst. Manager is $32K - $38K which is low, but we have very strong benefits with 100% health insurance, and 50% life, disability, dental, and 3% IRA match.  Straight salary – no incentive structure.  Performance reviews/salary increase is merit based and bonus for extraordinary achievement. Last year the Asst. Manager and with booking/management support from Facility Director – did $212,000 in rental bookings in addition to managing the granted arts clients. We have 7 other full time programmatic & admin staff and 2 part time.  Here is a link to our facility page:  http://www.durhamarts.org/facility.html


Hope this helps!


Sherry L. DeVries

Executive Director

Durham Arts Council

Durham Arts Council - Creating a Vibrant Community Through the Arts!

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We do not rent out our space for special events.




Brett Thompson

Chief Operating Officer 


Greater Hartford Arts Council

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All -


We have an arts center with a dinner theatre that is rented out for weddings, receptions, parties and corporate events in addition to being used for our own Arts & Entertainment series. Since our facility is a historic freight train depot, it is a vintage/rustic facility that is sought out by many brides and grooms for their wedding venue. Our Special Events Coordinator works with rental events and our Arts Programs Manager handles all of our arts programs in and out of the facility.


Needless to say the facility is being utilized especially with two rehearsal studios also, but with the right Special Events Coordinator it could be booked more often and generate more revenues. Our challenge is finding the right person with the right credentials to work part-time at our nonprofit salary. The officers of my board have suggested that this position become a commission based salary instead of a straight salary so that there is more incentive to book events.


At this moment, I am asking my fellow UAFs:


1. Do you rent out your facility for special events, primarily weddings?


2. Is the person coordinating these events part-time or full-time


3. If so, is anyone commission based? Or, are they straight salary and how much?


Thanks in advance for any and all feedback! I am trying to pull this information together by next Thursday, September 6, so that I can share data with my Executive Committee.


I hope that you had a good Labor Day holiday!


- Debbie


Debbie Lumpkins, Executive Director

High Point Arts Council

Centennial Station Arts Center

121 S. Centennial Street

High Point, NC  27260


Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


336-889-2787 ext. 22

336-889-2789 FAX

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